MQ2 Features Multiple technologies


Imaging:  Standard MRI Imaging Procedures and Unique new software algorithm for the evaluation of the areas of interest at higher accuracy and reproducibility not currently available by other software.

The new software features Artificial Intelligence for automatic processing in 3 minutes for most applications.  Some others take 5 minutes.


Cardiac Imaging

1.) Flow Studies

2.) Left and Right Ventricle Assessment

3.) Ventricle Wall Thickness

4.) Perfusion

5.) Scar Evaluation

6.) Pulse Wave velocity


Neuro Imaging

1.) Auto segmentation of Tumors

2.) Auto segmentation of Edema

3.) Tumor Perfusion


Lung and liver Imaging

1.) Auto motion correction making contouring for external beam

radiations more accurate bring more beam on target


MRI Tumor Simulation

1.) Using the MRI to replace CT Planning for tumor irradiation planning


Coming Soon:

 MRI T2 Diffusion and Whole Body Acquisition


A second MRI is planned to be a Siemens Espree to be utilized

-Patient Considerations-

1.) Largest patient bore eliminates claustrophobic feelings

2.) Patient Pallet accepts patients up to 550lbs.


-MRI Advancements –  

1.) T2 diffusion on al  body statics.  Previously only used for Neuro work.  Results are much superior images compared to standard MRI.

2.)  T2 Whole body Imaging – complete dynamic whole body imaging (single pass) in 20 minutes.


Software Advancement for Stem Cell evaluation

1.)  Ability to actually measure by quantitating and qualitating the area being treated for stem cell therapy – result will be more successful treatments.


Utilization of Bemer Technology for Stem Cell treatment areas.

1.)  This treatment is a non-invasive exposure to Bemer frequencies.  The frequencies encouraging increased blood flow to the subject part also increasing Oxygen utilization therby encouraging new tissue growth.  Patient li lies restful still on a comfort mat.

2.)  The Bemer is also used to treat a multiple physical conditions increasing viability to the effected parts.